• Artistic stone assembly on Shira plateau
    Artistic stone assembly on the Shira plateau
  • Giant Groundsel (Dendrosenecio) on Kilimanjaro Shira plateau
    Giant Groundsel (Dendrosenecio) near Shira 2 camp
  • Shira 2 camp tourist suggestion box - photo by Lynn Jackson
    Tourist suggestion box at Shira 2 (photo by Lynn Jackson)
  • Kilimanjaro porters - photo by Lynn Jackson
    Kilimanjaro porters near Moir Hut (photo by Lynn Jackson)
  • Giant lobelia on Kilimanjaro northern slopes
    Giant Lobelia on the northern slope with view to Kibo glaciers
  • Hiking boots covered by dust all looking the same
    Hiking boots all looking the same—welcome to the land of dust!
  • Food and kitchen supplies
    Food supplies in the kitchen tent
  • Buffalo carcass - photo by Lynn Jackson
    Buffalo carcass on northern slope (photo by Lynn Jackson)
  • Kibo night view from 3rd Cave camp with ghost - photo by Giovanni Baffa Scinelli
    Ghost above Third Cave (photo by Giovanni Baffa Scinelli)
  • War-like landscape and metal stretchers near Barafu Hut
    War-like landscape with rescue stretchers near Barafu Hut