Here are my favorite Kilimanjaro videos – informative and helpful. There still seems to be a big blank in the world of commercial movie production. I see great potential for a blockbuster that enlightens everyone about Kilimanjaro in a both entertaining and educational way – action, romance, drama, comedy, documentary… all in one. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there is no such movie yet. My wake-up call to all the movie producers – please go for it!


Conquering Kilimanjaro by CCTV (2016)

Don’t get distraught by the rain in episode 2 – they were hiking during rainy season.


The truth about Porters Treatment on Mount Kilimanjaro by Peal Deakin (2012)


Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa by IMAX/David Breashears (2002)


Kyle Maynard: No Arms and No Legs Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (2013)

Not sure whether you can do it? Need some inspiration? Then watch this:


Kilimanjaro songs with lyrics and translations by yours truly (2015)


Do you know any other great videos? Please leave your comments below.