“A fun, informative and inspiring story that follows Alex’s journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro on the little known and under appreciated Northern Circuit. Although not a guide, Kilimanjaro Uncovered is full of brilliant little nuggets of information that will help you prepare for the Roof of Africa!” Mark Whitman, Author of Mount Kilimanjaro: Trekkers Guide to the Summit

“Intriguing, informative, inspirational – A must read for anyone wanting to climb Kilimanjaro and learn more about Tanzania and its people!” Mehul Aggarwal, Director Bristol Cottages

“Alex’s description of the final push to the summit is some of the best writing I have seen in ages. Her real-time view of experiences is gripping, with clear, honest descriptions of her own thoughts and feelings, and her interpretation of others’ reactions to this challenge. Whether you are an adventurer with plans to tackle Kilimanjaro yourself, or are merely attracted to the idea of the challenge, this book will have you reading well into the night. It was a pleasure to edit this book.” Raewyn Sills, Editor of Kilimanjaro Uncovered

“A must read for any mountain trekker either prior to your climb or to just relish the memory of your past climbs. Alex’s study of the human interaction and natures of climbers is very telling of the requirements to succeed in summitting not only Mount Kilimanjaro but any high altitude mountain with a team of climbers. Her insights and preparation chapter may save prospective climbers thousands of dollars and will make the adventure as safe and comfortable as possible. I read the book cover to cover in only two sittings. Thank you for memorializing the memories that will last forever Alex!” Stewart Juneau, Chairman leTriomphe Property Group, Developer/Owner Ritz Carlton Hotel New Orleans LA USA

“Whether you’re the proverbial mountain goat or a tortoise planning to hike Kili’s slopes I’d recommend this book. If you’re no hiker and have no interest whatsoever in walking anywhere I’d recommend this book. If only for the entertainment of sharing in the experiences of what it means to be human and ‘proud to be wild’ for nine days, I’d say, read Kilimanjaro Uncovered by Alex Tanbai.” Jeannette Gravett, Author of Kilimanjaro Uncovered Foreword