Kilimanjaro Uncovered is the result of my own hiking story. It focuses especially on information that I found lacking in other literature (e.g. how to select the best operator) or where I have adopted a contrarian view based on my own research and conclusions (e.g. the diamox debate). However, I have never planned to compile a comprehensive travel guide, and I am neither a mountaineer nor a medical expert nor a psychologist.

My intention is to add value and not to simply (or blindly) copy others. Too many have done that already and thereby contributed to blurring the truth by spreading wrong or outdated information. I certainly don’t intend to make the world even more inefficient and intransparent, but the other way round. A lot of information is better left to the experts and other wonderful resources already available. Furthermore, one picture may often say more than a thousand words.

All resources recommended here are my personal selection of what I found to be the most helpful along my own journey, hoping you will enjoy them equally.