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Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit route (including variants thereof such as the Grand Traverse) is the only route which circumvents the peak on the northern slopes.

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Deaths on Kilimanjaro

I find there is a great lack of transparency regarding Kilimanjaro’s death rate and a lot of wrong, biased or outdated media reporting. On the one hand, few incidents are over-hyped and – in my humble opinion – presenting Kilimanjaro to be more dangerous than it really is (for us tourists; when prepared for properly). On the other hand, incidents of local mountain crew (mostly porters) seem to be under-reported.

I am creating this post hoping to provide fact-based information and analysis. For possible causes of death and danger, as well as how to avoid them, please read here.

I will also update this post with my assessment of known lethal incidents soon. Meanwhile, should you wish to share any information regarding incidents you are aware of, I would greatly appreciate if you could share it here. Thank you.

Northern Circuit Day 4

Shira 2 camp (3,800m/12,500ft) via Lava Tower (4,600m /15,200ft) to Moir Hut (4,200m/13,800ft)

Distance: 7km/4mi, 3-4 hours to Lava Tower; 7km/4mi, 2-3 hours to Moir Hut

Altitude: 800m/2,700ft up in elevation; 400m/1,400ft down in elevation

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How many days does it take to climb Kilimanjaro?

Routes offered by tour operators organising Kilimanjaro climbs range anywhere between 5 and more than 9 days. So how long does it take to really climb Kilimanjaro?

Of course we all want to keep is as short as possible, right? After all, who wants to spend more time than necessary without a shower and sleeping in a tent and not showering? And the longer, the more expensive. At least that was my initial thinking…

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