Kilimanjaro Uncovered

An Alternative Path to Bliss

Tag: Alpine desert

Northern Circuit Day 7

Third Cave (3,800m/12,500ft) to School Hut base camp (4,750m/15,600ft)

Distance: 5km/3mi, 4-5 hours

Altitude: 950m/3,100ft up in elevation

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Northern Circuit Day 4

Shira 2 camp (3,800m/12,500ft) via Lava Tower (4,600m /15,200ft) to Moir Hut (4,200m/13,800ft)

Distance: 7km/4mi, 3-4 hours to Lava Tower; 7km/4mi, 2-3 hours to Moir Hut

Altitude: 800m/2,700ft up in elevation; 400m/1,400ft down in elevation

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