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10 differences between climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Mount Kilimanjaro and the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB, or Tour of Mont Blanc) are both described as some of the most memorable hikes and must do adventures for outdoors aficionados. Kilimanjaro is a climb up the tallest free-standing mountain (with fewer fair and responsible tour operators), while TMB is a trek around Western Europe’s tallest mountain. We have done both, and, indeed, they are both very scenic and memorable. However, there also are striking differences between them. If you are tossing between either or, here are 10 differences to help you decide which one might be more suitable for you:

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Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit route (including variants thereof such as the Grand Traverse) is the only route which circumvents the peak on the northern slopes.

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, I hope you have already booked your trip, meaning you have decided on the right time, length, route, and operator. So what’s next?

Book your flight

Book any additional hotel nights at your base town (likely Moshi, sometimes Arusha)

It’s cheaper to reserve your room directly with your hotel than via your operator. You may also want to pre-arrange your airport pick-up with your hotel. There are taxis and they may be a little cheaper, but I’m not sure whether taxis would always be there when you land.

We stayed in Bristol Cottages before and Stella Maris after the hike. Both are recommendable, and for both you can simply send them an e-mail to reserve your room (if it’s not included in your package).They are both reliable and very responsive.

  • Bristol Cottages is great because it’s right in the center of Moshi and has a lovely tranquil courtyard that feels like an oasis.
  • Stella Maris has the most welcoming and friendly staff ever, and nice rooms. Their revenues are used to fund an adjacent school for underprivileged children .

Book any further travel arrangements

Get travel insurance

Organize your gear

For amateur hikers like me, organizing all your gear will be the most time-consuming aspect of your preparations. Believe me, it takes time. You may want to start early, especially your hiking boots should be one of your first purchases to also give them enough time to test and break them in.

Get in shape

Get cash in USD