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Basic Kilimanjaro Swahili (Downloadable)

Basic Kilimanjaro Swahili

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Basic Kilimanjaro Swahili

Here are a few Swahili words and phrases that you may find useful while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and traveling in East Africa more broadly. While a handful of words are simple to learn, they may go a long way in making your adventure even more enjoyable. Locals will appreciate your effort to communicate in their language, and your simple exchange of Swahili words may help you will feel more connected with them and proud of your mutual understanding. It is especially helpful when speaking to your porters who carry most of your luggage up the mountain including your sleeping tents, cooking items, water, and essentials. Being more aware of the staff who are helping you to climb Kilimanjaro safely and also your social responsibility towards local workers is important for any conscious traveller. Now, let’s get talking in basic Kilimanjaro Swahili!

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