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Northern Circuit Day 7

Third Cave (3,800m/12,500ft) to School Hut base camp (4,750m/15,600ft)

Distance: 5km/3mi, 4-5 hours

Altitude: 950m/3,100ft up in elevation

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Northern Circuit Day 6

Buffalo Camp (4,000m/13,200ft) to Third Cave (3,800m/12,500ft)

Distance: 8km/5mi, 3-5 hours

Altitude: 100m/400ft down in elevation

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Spookiest Kilimanjaro night shot

Kibo night view from 3rd Cave camp with ghost by Giovanni Baffa Scinelli

Photo by Giovanni Baffa Scinelli

Can you see it? I bet this is one of the spookiest photos from Kilimanjaro ever, taken at Third Cave camp on the Northern Circuit route. This is real, no photoshop gimmick. Do you believe in ghosts, or do you have a scientific explanation? I would love to hear your thoughts – please share them below.